UPLift--Poverty Alleviation For The Ultra-Poor

UPLift is a program designed to empower communities on the Thai/Burmese border that lack food security, opportunities for income, and education. Through the use of small grants and skills trainings, these families receive the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty without having to rely on external aid indefinitely.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mae Sot Pilots Up and Running!

December is here, which means the school year in Thailand is in full swing.  After coming back from semester break and having the first few weeks of readjusting to class life, Burmese migrant students have plenty to learn about...math, science, history, language, and now managing a personal garden!

After two months of careful planning and land preparation with the school staff and agricultural experts, UPLift and Room To Grow Foundation have successfully launched two veggie garden pilots in the Mae Sot area.  The main goal of these pilots is for the schools involved to provide their students not only with a source of inexpensive and nutritious food, but also with agricultural experience and skills that they can use anywhere in the future. Take a look!


Both trainings took place over the course of a weekend and the presentations/materials were given in Burmese by Nobel, our ag field officer.  These trainings covered the following:

-Soil Quality
-Plant Selection
-Plant Nutrition
-Garden Management
-Organic Fertilizer recipe and production
-Organic Insecticide recipe and production
-Seasonal Calendars (Creation and Uses)

With the soil and plants already prepared, teachers and selected students can now begin applying the skills covered and share this information with their peers.  Both schools have excellent principals who are very active and eager to improve the lives of their students, so there is little left for us to do!  The next step for us is visiting occasionally and evaluating what "stuck", and then improving our training materials for future trainings and troubleshooting with the schools.  Enjoy the pics!

Working on a water diagram for the garden


Elbow-deep in microorganisms!

Suitable Crops, listed by season

Job Well Done!